Knowledge is the first step in understanding.

Caregiver education for family caregivers and professionals lays the foundation for person-centered care and dignity at every stage of dementia.

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Find out more about the range of topics related to dementia care, caregiving and person-centered care planning offered by watching the MGH FTD Unit Webinar Series, created and moderated by Katie Brandt.

Consider allowing friends, family or professionals help you with the everyday tasks of caregiving. When you reserve the energy that may have been spent on laundry, grocery shopping or meal prep, you can focus more on the emotional needs of your loved one. Respite can support your relationship. This is the thing that only you can do. Caregiving is tasks, checklists and getting from one day to another. It is also love, connection and making new memories of joy.

Katie’s Five Critical Tips for Dementia Caregiving
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