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Caregiver Support

Katie is the Director of Caregiver Support Services and Public Relations for the Mass General Hospital FTD Unit

Katie is a trained support group facilitator and has co-facilitated more than 200 caregiver support groups. Katie has had the privilege of working with families through every stage of a life lived with dementia, helping at the time of diagnosis, through the development of person-centered care plans and end-of-life decision making. By incorporating cultural perspectives, values and personalized goals of care, Katie is able to help families plan for dignity and personhood at every stage of dementia.

Caregiver Education & Training

Katie has coordinated in-person and virtual educational conferences focused on family caregiver education

Katie is committed to empowering family caregivers and professional care providers with education about dementia care that is person-centered, non-pharmacologic and culturally sensitive. Katie draws from evidence-informed curriculum that explains the stages of dementia, describes effective communication strategies and focuses on “feelings first” for the person living with a diagnosis. Katie has provided keynotes, led seminars, developed workshops and planned family caregiver conferences.


Katie has advocated at the MA State House and on Capitol Hill for Alzheimer’s, FTD and related dementias

Raising her voice as a caregiver and as an advocate for persons living with a diagnosis of dementia is a way that Katie can incorporate the authentic voice of families into curriculums, research protocols and public policy initiatives. By advocating for expanded services to meet the needs of young-onset families and increased funding for Alzheimer’s and related dementia research, Katie is raising awareness, funds and hope that the cure of tomorrow is not so far from the care of today.

Just because dementia has come into your life, doesn’t mean that joy has to go out.

– Katie Brandt

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